What are the functions of a local workforce system?

Supporting Employers' Human Resources Needs

Local workforce system organizations support the human resources needs of local industry. This support can include defining hiring needs and job requirements, advertising for available positions, recruiting and screening candidates, onboarding new employees, providing entry-level training, and supporting and upskilling incumbent workers. Employers can partner with or get assistance from the public workforce system and other local workforce organizations to meet their human resource needs. Strategies include the following:

  • Alternative staffing uses a temporary staffing agency model, charging employers a fee and providing the addition of supportive services to help workers enter and advance in the workforce.
  • Customized training is aimed at new or incumbent employees and is tailored to an individual employer’s needs. Local businesses may partner with education and training providers to develop these programs.
  • Employee assistance/support programs aim to minimize work disruptions and absenteeism and improve workers’ financial stability by offering confidential, customized support for life issues that interfere with work. Nonprofit organizations partner with employers to implement such programs.
  • Sector strategies involve multiple businesses from the same industry working in collaboration with local employment and training providers to meet their combined workforce needs.