Who uses local workforce system programs and services?

Workers Seeking Career Change or Advancement

Who are they? Workers may change careers by choice or because of a job loss. Some of these people may need assistance finding a new job in their chosen occupation or may need new skills to find different work. Others are dislocated workers who were laid off because their company downsized, closed, or moved production out of the country. Some may be underemployed or incumbent workers looking to receive additional training to advance in their current jobs or careers. Still others are low-skill workers trying to acquire the skills necessary to attain a living-wage job.

How do they use local workforce systems? Local workforce systems include employment services and education and training programs to support workers seeking career changes or advancement. For example, community colleges may offer career pathways, which include a series of manageable steps to gain industry-required skills. Colleges may offer those currently employed other continuing-education and training opportunities to advance their careers. Employers may work directly with employment and training providers to create customized training opportunities for their employees to develop new skills and advance within the company.