Labor Market Information Analysis

What is Labor Market Information? Labor market information (LMI) is data on employment and the workforce. Examples of LMI include the following:

  • size and characteristics of the labor market, including demand for and supply of labor
  • characteristics and requirements of jobs by industry and occupation 
  • characteristics of the workforce by industry, occupation, or educational attainment

LMI can be collected or analyzed at the national, regional, state, or local level.

What are sources of LMI? Every state has an agency that produces and analyzes state LMI, in collaboration with federal agencies.

Who uses LMI analysis? Local workforce system organizations, employers, workers, and job seekers use LMI analysis.

What are uses of LMI analysis? Examples of uses of LMI analysis include:

  • identifying key characteristics of unemployed or underemployed workers
  • assessing which skilled positions employers struggle to fill
  • learning about which sectors have high growth potential
  • identifying types of jobs that match job seekers’ skills and interests
  • assisting in career planning, such as learning about required education and training for particular jobs