Reemployment Services

What are reemployment services? Reemployment services are specialized services provided to unemployment insurance claimants and other laid-off workers to help them transition to new employment. These services may include needs assessment, case management, job search assistance, or individual employment plan development. Reemployment services are authorized as part of the Employment Service established under the Wagner-Peyser Act of 1933, and they are now part of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act core programs delivered through the CareerOneStop (American Job Center) delivery system. The Employment Service focuses on providing a variety of employment-related labor exchange services including job search assistance, job referrals, placement assistance for job seekers, reemployment services to unemployment insurance claimants, and recruitment services to employers with job openings.

Who provides reemployment services? Public workforce system agencies and other employment service providers offer reemployment services.

Why are reemployment services important? Reemployment services are aimed at helping workers who have lost their jobs receive support in finding work and in helping employers support workers when layoffs occur or to find new talent when hiring. During periods of economic downturn, reemployment services can be especially important in providing support to the workforce and employers.