Job Development and Placement

What is job development and placement? Job development is a key function in workforce development organizations. Staff identify job opportunities and match employer and participant interests, needs, skills, and experience. Staff can work with listings of job openings that are publicly available or provided by a program or agency, join employer networks or associations to find out about opportunities, cold call potential employer partners, or rely on existing employer relationships to find out about opportunities. A goal of job development can be to build long-term employer relationships.

Who provides job development and placement? Job developers, employment specialists, account managers, and career navigators in education and training programs provide job development assistance. 

Why is job development and placement important? Job seekers often need support in identifying and accessing job opportunities. In addition, workforce programs are typically held accountable for meeting goals around job placement or postprogram outcomes. This is true in publicly funded programs, such as those funded through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, or those supported through foundations or other private grants.