What organizations are part of local workforce systems?

Unions and Worker-Focused Advocacy Organizations

What do they do? Unions and other worker-focused advocacy organizations often seek to change employer practices, improve working conditions, and develop and advocate for policies that represent the interests of workers. They may also collaborate with employers, colleges, and others to provide training to new or current workers in an industry.

Who are they? Labor unions are the most familiar type of organization representing groups of workers through collective bargaining. There are also worker-focused advocacy organizations that represent workers in a specific occupation or industry but do not engage in collective bargaining. They may set occupational standards or practices and advocate on their members. Other types of advocacy organizations include those that work to develop or change specific policies, such as the local minimum wage rate, day worker protections, and stable work schedules.

Why are they important? Unions and other worker-focused advocacy organizations can play important roles in ensuring that the rights and fair treatment of workers are adequately addressed by employers and government agencies.