Many local workforce system organizations and programs collect, analyze, and disseminate data to identify needs, inform policymaking, measure program progress, and improve programs.

American Job Centers identify local training providers that can help customers build their marketable skills. Postsecondary institutions and other education and training providers use employment and wage data to measure outcomes for their participants. Strategies using data to inform and improve local workforce system activities include the following:

  • Data sharing between agencies and organizations to allow education, training, and employment programs to examine participant outcomes, such as educational attainment, job attainment, and wages
  • Labor market information analysis to identify skills gaps in the local workforce (for example, workforce development boards provide labor market information to inform stakeholders about employment rates and in-demand industries and occupations)
  • Performance measurement to help education, training, and employment programs identify successes and challenges and improve
  • Evaluation of programs to determine effectiveness or return on investment, leading to additional funding, program changes, or program replication