Who uses local workforce system programs and services?

Individuals with Personal Challenges to Work

Personal challenges to work are circumstances that make it difficult to complete training or find and retain a job. These individuals may fall into one or more of the following examples and benefit from supportive services or specialized employment and training programs:

  • Low-income parents of young children having trouble accessing affordable and safe child care
  • People experiencing severe economic hardship or homelessness
  • Individuals with mental health or substance abuse issues
  • Individuals with criminal histories
  • Individuals with physical disabilities
  • Immigrants and other people with language barriers

Organizations in local workforce systems, such as community-based organizations, community and technical colleges, and public social services agencies, collaborate to provide supportive services and specialized employment and training programs, such as Integrated Basic Education Skills Training, for individuals with personal challenges to work.

Federally funded workforce programs that support individuals with personal barriers to work include Vocational Rehabilitation and Ticket to Work, both of which target individuals with physical or mental impairment.