Industry-Recognized Training and Credentials

What is it? Industry-recognized training is classroom or on-the-job training that aligns with employer hiring requirements or decisions. Training can culminate in the attainment of credentials, including certificates, certifications, degrees, and licenses, which are desired or required qualifications for jobs that are sometimes recognized by trade associations.

Who provides it? Education and training providers may collaborate with or seek input from employers to develop industry-approved training programs that align with employers' needs. The resulting industry-approved credentials certify that individuals possess the necessary competencies identified by employers.

Why is it important? The term “industry-recognized credential” has gained traction in reaction to a perception that some job training is not developed in alignment with industry demands or needs. The fact that industry-recognized credentials include certificates (both credit and noncredit), industry certifications, and occupational licenses—not just college degrees—acknowledges the role that shorter-term credentials play in workforce preparation for specific occupations.