College and Career Navigation

College and career navigation helps students and job seekers plan out and achieve their academic and career goals through advice and support on things like what classes to take, how to write a résumé, and where to get help with personal issues. 

What is it? Dedicated staff meet with individuals to:

  • systematically assess their interests, strengths, and needs; 
  • advise on academic or job training courses;
  • assist with résumé development and interview preparation;
  • facilitate access to academic and personal supports; and/or 
  • directly place clients in internships, apprenticeships, or permanent employment.

Who provides it? Advisors, counselors, coaches and “navigators” in colleges and other training programs. 

Why is it important? When deciding on an education or training program, many individuals don’t know the most effective and efficient means to achieve their goals, and they may need assistance deciding what type of academic program or employment would be a good fit. For example, a young adult with little or no academic or work experience enrolling in community college may need significant guidance to identify a major or occupation, plan courses, and access the financial, academic, and supportive services he or she will need to succeed, such as federal financial aid, tutoring, child care, or transportation assistance.